“On A Mission To Create Cash Generating Sales Content For Entrepreneurs.”

Hello Friend!

Thank you for stopping by.You may or may not know who the heck I am, (not a big deal that’s my job to explain :))

I’m Hassan Mohaidly, author of You Can’t Do That: How An 18 Year Old Ignores Conventional Wisdom and Paves His Own Entrepreneurial Path, personal development junkie, and a direct-response copywriter.

Entrepreneurship and copywriting are two areas which are very close to my heart and are things I value. With the help of my mentor (Dan Lok who I am forever grateful) and the constant high achievers, I surround myself around it’s got me to where I am today.

I became a direct-response copywriter due to my strong passion and interest in:

  • Sales
  •  Marketing
  • Words
  •  Human psychology
  • Social Skills
  • Writing

My mission and goal is simple when working with each of my clients. I want to be able to deliver a level of quality of work that’ll blow the lid off your industry and exceed your expectations.

For samples of my work please view the Portfolio section.


Yes, if you would like a copy of my book I would be more than happy to email you an eBook.

Just send me an email requesting me to send you a copy.

Here’s my email: hassan@hassanmohaidly.com